Dear Peter,

Please kindly add GREEN TAPE to the Pro Forma for the EVA rolls.

100 rolls of 50mm*60M/roll
Dear Peter,

Could you please ADD, (20) of the 3.2 blades to the invoice and I will get it processed.

Also, please kindly prepare a Pro Forma for the following:

1 roll of Black Opaque 0.38*2000*50/roll

1 roll of Super White Opaque 0.38*2000*50/roll

1 roll of Cool Jade White 0.38*2000*50/roll

1 roll of Sandblasting White 0.38*2000*50/roll

2 rolls of EVAFORCE EXTREME 0.38*2300*50/roll

9 rolls of EVAFORCE EXTREME 0.76*2300*50/roll


Thank you for your help!!

Dear Peter,

Please kindly add GREEN TAPE to the Pro Forma for the EVA rolls.

100 rolls of 50mm*60M/roll

100 rolls of 35mm*60M/roll

Best Regards,


Dear Peter,

Thank you – the invoice for the thermal cutters and blades has been paid through PayPal.

The invoice for the EVA rolls will be paid by wire transfer.

Thank you again for your help.


Hi Peter, Please confirm FOB pricing for supply silicone sheet roll for door thermoforming.

3,800mm width x 32,000mm length x 0.5mm thickness.

Please advise elongation %.

Look forward to receiving your quotation


Thanks Peter, I just made payment via Paypal.

Look forward to receiving your product and conducting trials.

Pending testing on thickness (will test 1mm and 2mm), we will need 4 peices 3,600 x 12,000mm early next year. (Length may vay pending testing)

Look forward to developing our business relationship in other products you supply, reason I will visit you in October.

Confirming delivery address is ****************** for these samples.

Thanks again,


Dear Peter:

Could you quote us the Green and the blue tape.

Width: 50mm

Long: 33 m

Quote us 500 pieces each color.

Please, give us distributor price.




Mr. Lin,

I was wondering if you could help us out. We have been having issues with laminating two pieces of 1/8” glass together with two layers of White .76MM EVA and a layer of PDLC in the middle. Unfortunately we have no formula to cook this and have been trying several different methods to try and get a perfect result. Here is one of our latest runs at 75 deg C for 30 min and 110 deg C for 40 min. We have also tried cooking at lower temperatures and higher temperatures and still cannot get the bubbles out. Humidity is not an issue since we are in D**************, CO. We are using flat glass. We don’t believe we are having pump issues. The bubbles are usually concentrated in the corners of the glass approximately 4” in from the edges. I don’t know if you can tell anything from the photos I’ve attached but any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.



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